Gary Gary , Hive Master | almost 10 years ago
Question: Can I publish erotic or adult-oriented stories here?

We generally do not want to be in the business of censoring anyone, so, to the extent that content does not violate any laws that we are required to comply with, then our plan is to generally leave it up to the LitHive community and community managers to determine what they do and do not want to see here.  

That being said, we cannot be 100% sure what will happen.  

To get started, we have created a public Hive for erotica with appropriate tags in which we ask that all adult-oriented work be self-tagged. Ultimately, the goal is to help writers create and sell their work, so we want to be careful that we do not organize things so as to stigmatize anyones work. Ultimately, we will have to trust the community to make its own decisions, so let the debate begin.