Gary Gary , Hive Master | over 9 years ago
Question: How are payments setup? There isn't anywhere to add SSN info, etc.

We use a very reputable service named Stripe to handle all of our e-commerce including payments to publishers. Stripe is a PCI-compliant e-commerce provider meaning that it meets or exceeds certain commercial and government financial and security standards for handling financial transactions.

The way that Stripe works, LitHive never sees nor stores anyone's credit card or other sensitive personal information.  We only hold a bit of information that lets us verify that a financial transaction that we requested has been completed successfully.  

There is literally no way for us to see anyones financial or credit card details even if we wanted to.  We love this approach because it means that it is not possible for us to compromise any of your sensitive information.

The easiest way to receive payment is to get a Stripe account at using the same email address that you use at LitHive . Alternately we can make arrangements for PayPal as well.