Tom Tom | almost 6 years ago
Martian Mystery

I agree with this thread wholeheartedly!  I would have loved to have heard of the ending of the Mars mission, even if it was a footnote.  Did they land on the red planet, die en route?  Feasibly (well... STRETCHING feasibility...) they could even have survived a generation or two.  CERTAINLY there was no chance of them surviving the milenia between parts two and three... but having them leave and that be it was rough on my brain! lol

Also I totally agree with James that a sequel or at least another footnote/world-building comment could have been about Terraforming Mars.  Certainly it would be a greater challenge than even disaster-ridden Earth, but it seems like it would be completely doable with the lessons learned on Earth.  And, genetically altered though they are, I'd like to think the human drive for "next" wouldn't have faded even 5K years later...

As I understand it, the biggest remaining challenge to long-term occupation of Mars (since our Seven Eves have masted the concept of rebuilding an atmosphere using customized microorganisms to create gasses and condensates en mass, dropping oceans onto a planet using comet debris, and so on!) is the lack of a strong magnetic field to shield from radiation.  Would have loved to have seen what Neal Stephenson and our future generations did with this challenge!  

Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy definitely helps satisfy this yen... but still, I would have loved another author's take...

AMAZING book, incredible concepts... I love when my biggest complaints all revolve around "I wanted MORE!"