Kelly Bell Kelly Bell | almost 6 years ago
Alternate moongeneering

So... With all the crazy emergency feats of macro-engineering going on in the book, why did nobody try to just hold the moon together with a net and some kind of crazy glue or space cement (like the pyrcrete or whatever)? It seems at least as theoretically possible as all the other craziness people came up with... 

I'm only 1/5 of the way through the book because I just got it yesterday, so maybe that's exactly what DOES happen? But it seems unlikely that's where the story is going. I dunno  but it just occurred to me about a chapter ago, when the Ymir disappeared at L1  

Dustin Block Dustin Block | almost 6 years ago

I'm hoping that's addressed in the book. Why not at least attempt to limit the damage? Maybe that's a ridiculous idea based on the size of the moon, but it does seem like a question that needs answering for readers.