Tom Blackwell Tom Blackwell | over 5 years ago
Am i missing something?

Having just finished and enjoyed SevenEves, II came to this site to see the " technical drawings, a bonus illustration of Endurance, and a “making of” video" mentioned at Neal Stephenson's site - but I can't seem to find them.

Gary Gary , Hive Master | over 5 years ago

Hi Tom -- Login and go to for the video.  We'll be releasing some additional images into the gallery this weekend.

Tim Florer Tim Florer | over 5 years ago

I, also, am not finding the pictures or video.  The above link just kick me to the main page for Seveneves.  Am I doing it right?

Tom Blackwell Tom Blackwell | over 5 years ago

Not sure where to put this, so I'll comment here. The comment form acts a bit weird.  The subject field is all caps on entry, but not after submission.  Text pasted into  the post editor with its original black background that then affected the whole post.