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A. Royden D'souza

one of the highest rated fantasy novels

Simply Pace

S.R. Weaver

Immortality in a cosmic nutshell.

Beyond The Dreamer's Edge

L.W. Flouisa

An autobiographical fiction about surviving a cult, and t...

My Seven Eves Notes

By Anon.

My notes on this awesome hard science book

A Poetic Individual - A Fas...

Ben Lynch

Enter the world of a Different Life.

London Dusk

By Anon.

Meet Mack Carmichael in this exciting prequel to The Nigh...

Yea Though I Walk...

Cheryl Denise Ward wirtes a...

David the Psalmist is known as a man after God's own hear...

If You Don't Know Me By Now

Dr. Angel Myers is single, ...

Cheryl Ward writes a compelling, steamy, love story that ...

Listening Out Loud

Valerie Haynes Perry

Discover five new ways to experience your literary voice.

Write, Read, Listen

Valerie Haynes Perry

Transform these three basic imperatives into a unique D-I...

Winning the Race to Financi...

Michael McDonough

Don’t spend another minute studying research reports, sta...

Love, Help Me Out!


She Finds The Love She Deserves, But Soon She'll See His ...

Vikram And The Vampire

Sir Richard F. Burton

Classic Hindu Tales of Adventure, Magic, and Romance

The Life of Sir Richard Burton

Thomas Wright

The story of a most amazing soldier, diplomat, explorer, ...