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The Brookfield Bridge Club

Sexual hijinks of upper-middle-class suburban couples

Gustav Jorgenson

“As their sex lives peter out, these middle-aged couples look to broaden their horizons and spice things up a little.”

Tags    erotic nsfw adults only

*** Warning *** This story is basically pornographic.  This is intended for mature readers only. 

You and your wife are relaxing at home one Saturday afternoon when two fellows, Matt and Chad from your bridge club stop by unannounced.

“Why, Hello there, boys.” says your wife brightly as she invites them in. “To what do we owe this unexpected pleasure of your company?”

“Hello, Heidi, Hello Clay.” they say greeting your wife and you and taking a seat in the livingroom.

“We are sort of at loose ends this afternoon, so we thought we would drop by and pay a visit.” says Chad with a smile.

“Well it's nice to see you. Let me get you two a beverage. Clay and I were having soft drinks, but maybe we should switch to something harder.” she gives you a questioning glance.

“By all means.” you agree, and you join your wife at the bar to mix up some cocktails.

“So where are Gracie and Paige?” asks your wife referring to Chad and Matt's wives, as she hands Matt a gin and tonic.

“Well, they are out with some... friends today.” says Matt with a strange smile.

“I'm hearing scare quotes around the word 'friends' there.” you laugh, handing Chad his standard martini and returning to your chair. Your wife casually deposits herself between Matt and Chad on the couch and crosses her legs jauntily, exposing a bit of thigh, as she hikes the hem of her dress up a bit.

“They are doing sort of an... experiment today.” says Chad, “But we aren't supposed to talk about it.” he continues, giving Matt a significant look.

You wife looks back and forth between Matt and Chad sitting to either side of her with a gaze of bemused curiosity. “What are you too playing at?” she asks with a twinkle in her eye.

“You two should know you can't reveal that you have a secret around Heidi.” you tell them with a chuckle. “Now she won't rest until she has pried it out of you.”

“It's true, gentlemen. Vee haff vays of making you taulk.” says your wife, assuming a stern expression and trotting out her mock German accent.

Everyone has a good laugh at her impression of a Gestapo interrogator. Matt holds up his hands in surrender. “Ok, Ok, we capitulate, Frau Heidi. We will spill the beans.” He tries to suppress a smile and nods to Chad. Who just wriggles uncomfortably.

“You tell them!” he says excitedly, “I fear the wrath of Gracie more than Heidi.”

You all chuckle at this and your wife turns her attention back to Matt. She is twirling her foot with anticipation which you know is a sign that her interest is truly piqued.

“I just can't imagine what's gotten into you two.” she says, gazing raptly at Matt.

Matt takes a deep breathe and says, “Gracie and Paige are out on a double date this afternoon.”

You and Heidi exchange confused glances.

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