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Three years, two houses, one unforgettable love

An Original Story Written By Zoe Farris

“The classic story of love between two neighbors... with a twist.”


Jasmine Reynolds has lived next to James Gael for three years, since she was 14 and he was 16. They became pretty good friends. Fast forward three years later, they're still friends but possibly something more. Jasmine has had the biggest crush on James for the last year, ever since she realized how sweet. caring, and yes cute he was.
But shes afraid that James just doesn't like her that way. She's confident, but NOT when it comes to boys.
Will they every be anything more than Friends and Neighbors? 

All aspects of this story are Copyrighted. They're MINE, please don't steal them.
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An Original Story Written By Zoe Farris

Hi. My name is Zoe Farris and i'm 12 years old, 13 in a few weeks. I know that this may persuade you to not read my stories but thats your own loss. I enjoy writing and I think I can be okay at it. Its fun and addicting when everywhere I look I see story Ideas. I hope you enjoy my stories and much as I enjoy writing them. 

Thanks so much!



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