Part 3

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Roger Travis Roger Travis | over 5 years ago
Did I miss the explanation of why the races didn't immediately interbreed?

I understand how important it is for the conception of Part 3, but I'm a little stunned that something so very counter to (at least immediate) plausibility receives, as far as I can tell, no explanation at all. Wouldn't the seven races NEED to interbreed? Is all of Part 3 a surreal fantasy based on the fulfillment of Aida's insane curse? Wouldn't the first few generations be told that they must interbreed, and that the separate "races" must lose their individuality as soon as possible?

Captain I/0 Captain I/0 | over 5 years ago

He did touch upon it, but I agree that it didn't feel quite natural. But basically, the gist was that there is some minor interbreeding, but that they through all notions of "normal reproduction" out the window during the period of genetically modifying each race. This was done mostly intentionally. It's talked about during backstory when he brings up that the eves were "playing a game" with each other. Basically a few generations are created solely through implantation as there aren't any Y chromosomes. And each Eve is creating them to counter moves of the others. Then he says by the time that they could start reproducing normally each race has already established their own culture and identity and they just kind of kept going with that process of differentiating themselves intentionally.

I agree that it's a bit of a weak link though. 

Timoni West Timoni West | over 5 years ago

My theory is that maybe the Four did interbreed more until they needed to split off into separate colonies, but I'm sure Aida would have gone out of her way to teach her children to be seperate, and Julia's offspring weren't self-sufficient enough for a long time that they probably didn't breed much at all.

I'm guessing there was a lot of interbreeding at first but the differences intensified once the generations started splitting off into separate colonies. Stephenson definitely mentions that the differences were partially artificial as well. 

I'm guessing if you knew exactly why you had certain personality traits, and had actual video and audio of your creator explaining exactly why they made you so, it might be harder to ignore that. Certainly humans have made up a lot of lore about themselves anyway to keep themselves separate. Insofar as societies are merely a set of successful self-replicating patterns, there's a lot the Seven did to make sure each of their descendants would carry repeat those patterns.

Sean Harrington Sean Harrington | over 5 years ago

I loved the concept of KRAФЦMAN (CRAFTSMAN) so much, I had some patches made up...


Neil Neil | over 5 years ago
Enoch root/the red

I was keeping my ears open for a mention of Enoch but I don't think there was any. Do you think he survived the hard rain somehow?

Neil Neil | over 5 years ago

root2702 root2702 , root2702 | over 5 years ago

Parts 1 and 2 should have been condensed down to less than 50% of the story's length, leaving more room for Part 3 to unfold. As it is, NTS waited until the 90% mark to press the authorial THRILLER PACE button. 

Typorrhea Typorrhea | over 5 years ago

What about the other way around?  Keep Books 1 & 2 and condense Book 3 to an epilogue?  I think these are two approaches to the same issue: Book 3 didn't quite seem to fit. This impression coupled with the number of times urination is referenced at the beginning of Book 3 literally made me stop and wonder if he wasn't writing at that point with his legs crossed, trying to squeeze out as many pages as he could before running to relieve himself :)