Andrew Linke Andrew Linke | over 9 years ago
Experimenting with the hive

So maybe it's a little self0serving to post comments on my own LitHive books, but I thought I'd explain some of what I have in mind.

I first published this book about a year ago. It was my first novel and I was terrified. I can't say that it has been a runaway success, I've only made about $30 in the last year from sales to strangers, but I've only heard constructive remarks. Even complete strangers have read it and posted positive remarks on Amazon and G+, then recommended the book to friends. 

That feels good.

So now I want to try posting my work here on LitHive. I'd love to interact with readers and provide them with extra material from my writing process. It'll be a long time before I can call writing my actual job, but I hope that I can find people here who enjoy my work and feel that, somehow, their lives are more enjoyable for having read it.