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Listening Out Loud

A Friend to the Serious Writer

Valerie Haynes Perry

“Discover five new ways to experience your literary voice.”


Listening Out Loud—A Friend to the Serious Writer amplifies the writer’s ability to listen deeply to the various voices that guide the writing process:

Voice as sound

Physical voice

Stylistic voice

Voice as discipline

POV (point of view)

Literary voice is difficult to define—you know it when you hear it. You understand it when you read about it in this handy, little book.

Copyright © 2015 by Valerie Haynes Perry
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Valerie Haynes Perry

Valerie Haynes Perry is a graduate of Hunter College High School in New York City. She attended Cornell University for her freshman year and moved to California where she received a B.A. in Spanish from Humboldt State University with a minor in art, and an M.A. in Spanish from Long Beach State University. She has taught Spanish classes at various community colleges in California.

Valerie works in the publishing industry as writing coach, developmental editor, and indexer. She has self-published three novels (Tanner Blue, Painted Deserts, andMembers) as well asMusic for the Dream—Seven Short Stories. Tanner Bluereceived a USA Best Book award in the category of African-American fiction.Painted DesertsandMusic for the Dreamwere finalists for international book awards. Valerie has also self-published two books that offer innovative perspectives about writing:Listening Out Loud—A Friend to the Serious Writer, andWrite, Read, Listen—Your Handy Writing Coach.She is grateful to serve as the hub for a circle of extraordinarily talented local writers. Currently, she’s working on another book about writing and returning to a novel that patiently awaits completion.

Hello! Authors are often asked, "Who do you write for? Who is your audience?" Many authors spend quality time trying to answer that question. Some hire people to interpret analytics and target potential readers. I write for anyone who finds value in reading my books. Hear me? Dear readers, this is my way of reaching out to you. This is what I'm "about" as an author.

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