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The Seveneves Notebook

Neal Stephenson et al.

Get the official behind-the-scenes perspective on the dev...

Down and Out in the Magic K...

Cory Doctorow

Imagine you woke up one day and Walt Disney had taken ove...


Charles Stross

The book is a collection of nine short stories telling th...


Karl Schroeder

Ventus is a terraformed world gone haywire, where the hum...

The Variable Man

Philip K. Dick

He fixed things -- clocks, refrigerators, vidsenders and ...

Ebooks: Neither E, Nor Books

Cory Doctorow

This talk was initially given at the O'Reilly Emerging Te...

A Little Green Book

The Hive Master

What can you do here?

Plague Ship

Andre Norton

A trading mission to a mysterious alien race goes unexpec...


Ayn Rand

We are nothing. Mankind is all.

The Brookfield Bridge Club

Gustav Jorgenson

As their sex lives peter out, these middle-aged couples l...

How to get ahead in business

Gustav Jorgenson

Your wife wears a see-through dress to entertain your imp...

Voodoo Planet

Andre Norton


Second Variety

Philip K. Dick

The claws were bad enough in the first place--nasty, craw...

Devin Fitzpatrick Interiors

By Anon.

This book needs a pitch and a description.

Glossário de Termos

Glossary of terms

glossary of terms in operations management

The Chronic Mansion

Azhar Sabri

This book needs a pitch and a description.


An Original Story Written B...

The classic story of love between two neighbors... with a...

You & I

by Tyrrani

People say face your fears, but this is one fear I can't ...


A. Royden D'souza

one of the highest rated fantasy novels

Simply Pace

S.R. Weaver

Immortality in a cosmic nutshell.

Beyond The Dreamer's Edge

L.W. Flouisa

An autobiographical fiction about surviving a cult, and t...

My Seven Eves Notes

By Anon.

My notes on this awesome hard science book

A Poetic Individual - A Fas...

Ben Lynch

Enter the world of a Different Life.

London Dusk

By Anon.

Meet Mack Carmichael in this exciting prequel to The Nigh...